Bingham looking to rediscover snooker mojo during week of qualifiers

STUART BINGHAM admits he will be just trying to rediscover his enjoyment for the game during a week where he will play three qualifiers in Preston.

Ballrun faces Chris Totten in the Indian Open at 4pm on Wednesday (Aug 15) and then Jamie Jones in the European Masters (Saturday, 1pm) before a meeting with Criag Steadman in the China Championship (Monday, 10am).

It comes after back-to-back defeats for the Essex pro at the start of a campaign when a hospital visit for his son was his top priority.

Bingham said: “The way this season has started I would just be happy to get myself going this week, and if I could perhaps qualify for two out of three I think I’d be happy with that.

“These best-of-sevens are always a bit of a leveler and all three of my opponents will give me tough matches, I know that.

“But this will be more about just getting my enjoyment of the game back really, and if I can start well against Chris then hopefully I can build from there.”

Bingham is one of a number of top players who will not be playing at the Paul Hunter Classic between August 22-26 in the Stadhalle, Furth, Germany.

He explained: “After Preston I have earmarked that time to spend with my family, and it is also the case that tournament is quite low in terms of prize money now.

“It is a shame because I know it is a popular event with the fans and attracts good crowds, but that’s just the way it is.”

Ballrun travelled up to Preston on Tuesday afternoon and he bumped into singer James Bourne from the pop group Busted.

Bingham added: “I think he is from Southend, so not too far from where I live, and he said he liked to watch snooker.

“But I was not too sure who he was at first, and he didn’t know me – which made another guy sitting nearby chuckle as I think he realised who I was.”