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Stuart Bingham ready for his Question of Sport debut

ESSEX’S snooker world champion Stuart Bingham will aim to impress BBC TV viewers again this autumn when he makes his debut on A Question of Sport.

The world No 2 from Basildon, who wowed millions of armchair sports fans with his exciting Crucible final win over Shaun Murphy in May, drove up to Manchester this week for filming of an episode of the cult classic quiz show.

Ball-run did not know the identity of his team-mates or if he was on cricket hero Phil Tufnell or rugby world cup winner Matt Dawson’s team, but he was determined to give another good account of himself on the small screen.

Bingham, 39, who has already appeared on The Clare Balding Show, The Ronnie O’Sullivan Show and Trans World Sport since his win in Sheffield, said: “I’m so excited about going on Question of Sport because, as with most sports fans my age I’m sure, I grew up watching it.

“Back then it was David Coleman hosting I think, with Bill Beaumont and Emyln Hughes as team captains. But it does not matter who is doing it, it has always been brilliant.

“I’m a bit nervous because I know it is in front of a live audience and nowadays they do some physical challenges as well as the questions. But all I’ll be trying to do is make sure I get all the snooker stuff right. I’d better anyway!”

After his latest TV appearance it will be back to the practice table for Bingham on Tuesday and Wednesday before he travels to Germany on Thursday to take part in the Ruhr Open.

Bingham gets underway on Friday against Fergal O’Brien, a friend and someone he will be playing an exhibition match against in Ireland soon.

But it will not just be matters on the table Bingham will be trying to keep in order during his visit to the European Tour event.

He said: “I always enjoy going to Germany because they have some of the best fans on the tour and they are very knowledgeable and respect the players.

“But the main thing I remember from last year is that I got done for Jaywalking!

“I went to cross the road when there wasn’t a green man and typically it was in front of a police car.

“The siren went off and they came over and I tried to explain I was from England and we have different rules here.

“But he was having none of it and I got a five euro fine – so I’ll definitely be watching my step this year!”

  • Bingham is pictured above on the Question of Sport show after it aired.

By James Colasanti

Journalist at CogitoPR.