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Bingham rues bad luck in Riga

STUART BINGHAM was left cursing some dreadful luck which saw his exit from the Riga Masters with defeat to eventual finalist Michael Holt.

Ball Run was 3-2 up in the first-to-four clash and in control of the frame he needed for victory when his promising crack at the first tournament of the season was ended at the last 16 stage.

He said: “How I lost from there is a joke – I felt it was a million to one shot he would beat me from there.

“I was 36 up after laying a snooker and just had to roll one in to stay on the black. There had been some kicks in the tournament but this one jumped on me and he pinched the frame to make it 3-3.

“Then he broke off in the next frame and left me shot to nothing and I got a really bad kick and he made 69 to win. I was left scratching my head to be honest.

“And it was a shame because, other than those last two frames against Michael, I felt in control and capable of winning the tournament.”

Bingham started at the Arena Riga with a 4-2 win over Lee Walker then beat Fergal O’Brien 4-2. Holt went on to lose 5-2 in the final to Neil Robertson.

Bingham is next in action against fellow Englishman Steven Hallworth at the Indian Open on Tuesday, July 5.

He said: “I’ve played Steven once before and beat him in China I think and here I will just be looking to build on those couple of wins in Riga.

“A few of the top players have not entered, maybe because of the prize money or just to spend more time with their families and not wanting to make that long trip this early in the season.

“But this is the job to me and I am looking forward to visiting a city I have never been to before.”

Away from the table, Bingham revealed there has been some Euro 2016 football banter on the tour between the English players and some of the Welsh stars like his first-round opponent Walker. Ball Run says he will be tuned in when the Three Lions face Iceland in the last 16 in France this evening.

Bingham also said he planned to vote leave in last week’s historic EU Referendum but did not get a chance to cast his vote as he was at the event in Latvia!

The Basildon pro is also in the middle of a house move which should be completed in early July – and he is enjoying designing his new snooker room.

He said: “The table is due to be fitted on the 13th and I am getting a 9m long mural of a scene at the Crucible covering an entire wall.

“I can’t wait until it is finished and for our family to be settled in their new home.”

By James Colasanti

Journalist at CogitoPR.