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Bingham keen to put new cue into action

STUART BINGHAM was very pleased with the feel of his new cue this month – and is now itching to use it in top-class action.

The 2015 world champion has been supplied bespoke equipment by the Cue Creator team, an American company which is headed up by the Sharp family and uses cues manufactured by McDermott Cues made in Menomonee Falls.

Bingham started using it on the practice table on the weekend and says it immediately had a positive impact on his game.

Ballrun said: “I got it after Riga and used it for practice and I knocked in a ton and four or five fifties, so it feels good. It just feels like it has a bit more life in it than my old cue, and I hope that margin of improvement can pay off for me.

“I learnt about the Cue Creator project after I won the Australian Goldfields Open there in 2011 and I met Michael Sharp.

“And now it is a project I am happy to be involved with and a cue I am happy to be using.”

Bingham just missed out on an invitation to the World Cup event in China this week and is next in line for a spot at the Hong Kong Masters invitational (July 20-23), and is hoping for positive news on that next week.

The world No 9’s season started with a 4-0 defeat at the Riga Masters to his good friend Mark Davis, and the pair followed up with a round of golf together this week.

Bingham said: “Riga was not mentioned – which was good!

“But seriously, it was just one of those days for me. I lost the first two frames when I was in control and then had a chance to win the third.

“I don’t think Mark even played as well as he can but he was solid and that saw him through.”

You can find out more about the Cue Creator project by visiting their Facebook page here or the company’s website here.

By James Colasanti

Journalist at CogitoPR.