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Bingham hopes to take fighting chance against Maguire to stay in the Six Reds

STUART BIGNHAM admits he will need to get “on a roll” against Stephen Maguire tomorrow afternoon to progress at the Sangsom Six Red World Championship after a win and a defeat from his opening two games in Bangkok.

Ballrun beat Kamal Chawla 5-2 but lost 5-1 to home favourite Akani Songsermsawad today to leave himself needing at least a 5-2 victory against Scot Maguire to secure a Group E top two spot in Thailand.

The world No 9, who lost a dramatic final to Ding Junhui last year, said: “It is 30 degree heat outside and the air con here is pretty strong and the tables are playing pretty slow, which is a challenge, especially as I am getting used to a new cue.

“But it was the same here last year so I understand the challenge and I am ready for it.

“I just had no luck against Akani today – I missed a pink in the first frame and he played well to be fair. And that’s just how it can go in the Six Reds.

“It makes it that bit harder this year that only the top two in the groups progress, and all the players here are very good.

“Against Maguire I will just have to get my timing right from the start then get on a roll because I still have a chance, even if it is a slim one.”

It is the start of a busy month for Bingham, who will play Welsh pro Duane Jones, 24, in the Indian Open (Sep 12-16) at the Novotel Varum Beach venue, and then face Londoner Alfie Burden, 40, in his opener at the £150,000 top-prize World Open (Sep 18-24) in Yushan, China.

And that run comes off the back of a 4-0 defeat to Yu De Lu at Paul Hunter Classic in late August which flagged up a tricky problem for Bingham.

He explained: “I had a pain in my back and leg which I thought was sciatica but turned out to be a trapped nerve.

“I saw a specialist and he gave me some exercises to do which has eased the tightness in my right leg and at least lets me get down on my shots properly now.

“I’m still only about 75 percent I would say and I was struggling in Germany and probably should have pulled out. But it is an event I really like and I always try to give it my all.”

By James Colasanti

Journalist at CogitoPR.